About Us

TWB Real Estate, is a new entry in the Real Estate Industry with the hopes of establishing a relationship with you.

We aim to render quality and to bring service standards to an unprecedented level of excellence. We strive to build strong relationships based on integrity and trust, communicating clearly and regularly. The primary approach of our company is based on the simple analogy that the success of our clients equates to our success as well and this shall be our guiding principle in every transaction.

Our company is composed of highly enthusiastic and experienced agents and is fully equipped with the latest technology ready to satisfy your needs and demands. We are here to make life seamless. 

We noticed frequently our clients were dissatisfied with the way their properties were being managed by the traditional real estate companies.  Poor communication, high staff turnover, troubles with tenants, not to mention the escalating fees with lots of add ons.

Our goal is simple, to provide you, the owner, with the best experience for the management of your property, as well as assisting with the sale of your property should you decide the time is right.

We can also point you in the direction of getting the best deal on your loans through our expert panel of brokers.

Why choose us?

Dedicated property managers that provide the utmost transparent, honest and reliable management of your rental property

– Our property managers have experience in owning and renting their own properties, so they know how important the asset is to you

– Low cost property management fees with no additional charge for statement and reporting fees

– Owners portal with access to all statements, leasing documentation and supplier invoices- Direct reporting to your accountant for ease of preparation of your income tax returns